Certified Mail Labels | How Fast Is Certified Mail Delivered?When you send a document via USPS Certified Mail, you can rest assured that it will be delivered on time and to your requested recipient. This can give you invaluable peace of mind, especially if you're sending a letter that contains classified, sensitive, or confidential information.

Yet, have you ever wondered just how quickly the mail will reach its final destination? How fast is Certified Mail, anyway?

The speed of delivery can vary based on the delivery service selected when mailing. Today, we're sharing how the process works and what you can expect.

Types of Mail Delivery Options Available

When you use Certified Mail services, you have two different delivery options to consider.

  • USPS Certified Mail with First Class Mail Delivery
  • USPS Certified Mail with Priority Delivery

If you choose First Class Mail Delivery, you can expect your document to arrive at its destination within three to 10 business days. If you need it to get there sooner, you can upgrade to Priority Delivery. This way, your mail will arrive within one to three days.

While these are important timelines to note, keep in mind that the total duration will also include the length of time it takes for you to receive back the Signature Confirmation and proof of delivery. If the mailing has to meet certain compliance standards (such as a professional document or legal contract), you'll need that confirmation before you can move forward.

When mailing with Certified Mail Labels, there is no wait time to receive the signature confirmation. The Electronic Delivery Confirmation will be generated and sent directly to your email. This report includes the return address, postmark, Certified Mail number, delivery address, label reference, proof of mailing, and delivery.

If you use a traditional Green Card (USPS Form 3811), the signature will come back in the mail. This process normally takes around three to five days. However, there's a small risk that the Green Card could get lost or damaged on its way to you.

This is why we recommend using Certified Mail Labels, which easily eliminates the need for a separate green card! With our Electronic Delivery Confirmation reporting, you receive proof of delivery much quicker and those records are stored in your account for 10 years at no additional cost. This provides peace of mind and organized record-keeping for years to come.

Is Certified Mail the Quickest Way to Send a Document?

It's important to understand why Certified Mail delivery services exist. This is a way to protect your document, especially if you're sending mail that must go to a specific place and a designated individual. Some of the top benefits of choosing this service include:

  • Proof of Mailing
  • Location and delivery tracking of your correspondence
  • Record of delivery for compliance
  • Mail prioritization for prompt delivery
  • Documented proof of delivery
  • Easy to print labels at home
  • Protection against loss or theft
  • Economical alternative to private shipping services

USPS Certified Mail is considered to be a Special Service Mail of the United States Postal Service. That said, while it does receive high-priority delivery status, it's not designed to be the absolute quickest mailing option. Rather, it's meant for individuals who need to provide evidence that their document reached its destination, especially if they need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

When you send an item via Certified Mail, you'll receive verifiable proof of mailing and proof of letter delivery. This way, there's no second-guessing whether it got lost in the mail or ever made it to its location. Once you send it, someone must be available to sign for it when they receive it.

If you mail it to a residential address and the recipient isn't home, the postal carrier will leave a delivery reminder notice in their mailbox. The notice will let the person know that there's a USPS Certified Mail letter for them to pick up at their local Post Office.

If they haven't picked the item up within 15 days, it will go back to the original sender, along with a notification. To override this timeline, you can choose to schedule a second re-delivery attempt.

Save Time and Money with Certified Mail Labels

Are you looking to send USPS Certified Mail as quickly as possible? If so, one option is to take care of all the prep work from home! Skip the trip to the Post Office with our easy online platform. Certified Mail Labels makes it easy to create and prepare a Certified Mail label without ever leaving your home or office. All while saving you $3.15 on each letter sent.

While we call it a label, this is simply a plain sheet of paper that you print on your color printer. After you create a free account and enter your delivery information, you can select the appropriate delivery service and your label will be immediately generated. Once you print your label, just fold and affix it to the outside of your envelope. Learn more with this step-by-step guide.

To make the process when easier, use our Certified Mail envelopes. Our envelopes are made in the USA and have been approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to send USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt Electronic Signatures, Restricted Delivery Certified Mail, and Certified Mail with Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery.

Our $6.99 Small Combo Start-Up Pack is the most inexpensive way to try Certified Mail Labels with 15 Certified Mail envelopes of various sizes.

Make the process even easier with Send Certified Mail. Just upload your PDF letter and we will handle the printing and mailing on your behalf.

Benefits of Sending Electronically

When you use Certified Mail Labels, every step of your mailing process will be easier, quicker, and more efficient. Using bank-grade encryption, our system archives a copy of your mailing history, including the USPS proof of delivery receipts, for 10 years at no additional cost. Receive free access to our web-based software to address, track, print and mail your USPS Certified Mail. Support unlimited users with Certified Mail Labels secure access and data storage. No more lost green cards, forms, or stickers.

How Fast Is Certified Mail?

Still asking, "How fast is Certified Mail?" If you choose Priority Delivery services, your item can arrive in as little as one day.

Yet, speed isn't the most pertinent reason to send a document this way. USPS Certified Mail is best when you need proof of mailing and delivery, as well as robust record-keeping and special en-route protections.

Certified Mail Labels makes it easy to affordably send Certified Mail. Get started creating USPS Certified Mail® labels, Priority Mail labels, and Express Mail labels today by creating a free account now.

To learn more about Certified Mail Labels, schedule an online demonstration with our Customer Support Team today.
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