Certified Mail Labels | Everything You Need to Know About USPS Certified MailHave you ever mailed a document via Certified Mail®? One of the most valuable services offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS), this program offers a way to securely send and monitor important materials.

Certified Mail is straightforward for individuals and businesses that routinely use the service. Yet, there are many people asking, "What is USPS Certified Mail and how do I use it?"

Today, we're breaking it all down and sharing everything you need to know.

What Is USPS Certified Mail? The Basics to Know

Before we dive into the specific aspects of sending Certified Mail, let's take a step back. What is this service in the first place?

Certified Mail is a program that is exclusive to the USPS. It is an effective way to send important, time-sensitive, and confidential documents and materials.

Certified Mail is a domestic mail service within the United States. It provides added security by allotting a unique tracking number to each article mailed to ensure secure delivery.

Certified Mail is an added service that can be selected when sending First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. As an additional service, Certified Mail includes shipping insurance.

Once the item is mailed, the sender will receive proof of mailing. Once it's delivered, they'll receive proof of delivery. These two documents give peace of mind, ensuring that the item reached it’s intended recipient in the time requested.

Who Uses It?

Anyone can use USPS Certified Mail! Yet, many industries and companies are required to send their documents and materials this way due to regulatory requirements or business-specific processes.

Entities may also use Certified Mail for record keeping purposes when sending critical information. The return receipts and proof of delivery that senders receive serve as proof of the document's delivery status.

What Does It Cost?

As of January 2024, the cost to send an item via Certified Mail through the Post Office is $4.85 per mailing. There are also additional upcharges for services such as an Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt ($0.95) and Return Receipt Electronic Signature ($2.62). View the current USPS postal rates and changes by checking out this guide.

Comparatively, senders can save $3.15 per letter mailed when they send their Certified Mail with Certified Mail Labels. A Certified Mail Label with Electronic Delivery Confirmation is just $6.49. See how our services can save you time and money, click here or get started now!

How Does It Work?

The Certified Mail process includes several steps. Each step delivers proof of the mailing's progress and allows senders to stay up-to-date on the items delivery. Here's how it works, from start to finish.

Mailing Your Item Via Certified Mail

Traditionally, to send an item via Certified Mail, you will start by going to the Post Office. There, you would fill out a Certified Mail form, known as PS Form 3800. This form has a perforated receipt attached to it, which is known as a mailing receipt. On this receipt, you'd find the tracking number for the item, as well as the date and time that it was mailed.

In short, the receipt serves as "proof" that it was sent. The USPS assigns a unique tracking number to each piece of Certified Mail. Once completed you’d stand in line and wait to mail your letter.

There is a better way!

Once you create your Certified Mail Labels profile and confirm your payment method you can easily begin sending Certified Mail from the comfort of your home or office.

Using their account, users can quickly create and print USPS Certified Mail, Return Receipt Electronic, Restricted Delivery, and Priority Mail label online with USPS PC Postage. All while skiping the trip to the Post Office entirely and saving $3.15 on each mailing.

Check out the easy step-by-step instructions.

Tracking Your Item en Route

As the Certified Mail item travels to its final destination, you can stay informed of its progress. It may need to enter and leave several Post Offices and sorting facilities depending on where it's traveling to.

Certified Mail Labels are created with live USPS postage. So, the tracking works just as it would if you mailed through the Post Office.

You can track the status of your item by entering the tracking information online or via phone. Our Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report™ is sent directly to your email for convenient verification. Certified Mail Labels also archives the proof of delivery, tracking files, and Return Receipt Signatures safely on your online account for 10-years at no additional cost.

Similar storage is an additional cost when mailed through the Post Office.

Delivering Your Item

Certified Mail items require a signature upon delivery to prove that the item was successfully delivered. Once the item is delivered or a delivery attempt is made, you will receive an electronic verification of its status.

The person who signs the item could be the individual who ordered the mail, or it could be anyone that the sender or recipient authorizes beforehand. If businesses are sending sensitive or classified documents, they'll usually specify precisely who is allowed to sign for them. This is known as Return Receipt Signature Restricted Delivery.

If the recipient is absent at the time of delivery, the carrier will leave a note and return the item to the Post Office. If no one claims it within 15 days, the USPS will return it to the sender. Normally, only one delivery attempt is made.

After a successful delivery, the USPS will retain all signatures electronically for a period of two years. Certified Mail Labels offers users a complimentary 10-year data archive where files can be accessed as needed. These records are often used to resolve legal matters or disputes.

Return Receipts

Also known as a Certificate of Mailing, a Return Receipt is a hard copy of the recipient's signature. It contains information on the date and time of the item's delivery. Senders have up to two years after delivery to request a Return Receipt through the Postal Service if they did not initially purchase one.

Creating Certified Mail Labels Online

Ready to skip the trip to the Post Office? USPS Certified MailLabels makes it easy to create and print your Certified Mail labels online! Once you create an account and set up your payment information, we'll walk you through the steps required to print USPS Certified Mail, Return Receipt Electronic, and more.

The best part? Once you mail your items, we'll send our Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report™ directly to your inbox so you can be confident your pieces were securely delivered.

We'll also archive all important documents safely inside your online account for 10-years, including:

  • Proof of delivery
  • Tracking files
  • Return Receipt signatures

You never have to worry about losing your important mailing receipts again. With Certified Mail Labels, there are no postage meter fees, unnecessary forms, or stickers. We'll provide initial proof of mailing, as well as daily tracking services and emailed delivery confirmation.

Get Started With USPS Certified Mail

What is USPS Certified Mail? In short, it's the way to send mail. From confidential data to time-sensitive records, there are many different types of mailings that require the utmost care.

While the Post Office can deliver the services you need, Certified Mail Labels is here to make it much easier. All while saving you time and money! You can create, print, and track your labels online from the comfort of your home or office.

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