Certified Mail Labels | Certified Mail Worth Every PennySending mail is a big part of many businesses.

Unfortunately, mail gets lost sometimes. While this might not happen as much as people think, it's not worth the risk when it comes to important packages.

That's where certified mail comes in.

But doesn't certified mail cost a lot more than traditional delivery methods? If you're asking yourself this question, then the short answer is yes. But the added cost of Certified Mail is well worth the money.

Why? We've put together this guide to answer that question, so let's get started!

How Much Does Certified Mail Cost?

It depends. There are a few different features you have to consider when you choose to use Certified Mail.

The flat-rate cost of Certified Mail is $4.85. So make sure you have up-to-date information before mailing your first certified letter or package.

But this cost just gives you the basic features. There are many other add-ons that'll make the price go up. These add-ons are optional, but they're also beneficial.

Here's a quick look at some of the most common add-ons and how they will affect the overall price.

Confirmation Receipts

There are three different types of confirmation receipts you can choose from: electronic confirmation receipts, return receipt green cards, or electronic return receipts.

The postal company will send these return receipts to the sender on the same day they deliver the Certified Mail. This gives the sender confirmation that their mail made it where it was supposed to go.

But how are they different?

Electronic confirmation receipts have basic delivery information, such as the delivery address, a barcode, and the amount of postage you paid for it. A green card receipt contains the same basic information, but it also includes who signed for the package. An electronic return receipt is the exact same as a green card, but an electronic version.

Though these receipts are all similar, they vary when it comes to price. An electronic confirmation receipt costs an additional $0.95. Return receipt green cards are physical receipts, so they're a bit more expensive. You'll have to pay $4.10 for these receipts. Electronic return receipts fall in between those two prices. These receipts cost $2.62 each.

Restricted Delivery

Restricted delivery gives certified mail another layer of security. The postal company will only deliver a restricted delivery letter to the person it was addressed to or another authorized agent (someone the sender has specified). The exact charge of this add-on is $7.90.

All of the Above

You don't have to pick and choose when it comes to these additional Certified Mail features. If you want all of these benefits, you can pay for all of them at the same time.

This can make the cost of your Certified Mail go up quite a bit, but for some mail, the added cost is quite worth the extra security.

Talk to your postal company about the different Certified Mail options. They may be able to give you Certified Mail bundles that'll help you save.

Why Certified Mail Is Worth the Extra Cost

We've already mentioned that the added cost of Certified Mail is almost always worth it. But how come? Is Certified Mail really that different from normal postage services? In short, yes. Here's a quick look at the most important benefits of certified mail.

Legal Proof

Certified Mail gives you proof that you sent the mail and that it was delivered. Businesses can then use this proof for recording purposes or, if necessary, legal purposes.

Professional Appearance

Certified mail gives anything you send a more professional appearance, which can do several things.

First of all, it conveys a sense of urgency. When a recipient sees a piece of Certified Mail, they'll be more likely to look into it right away.

Certified Mail also gives off a sense of importance. Certified Mail won't get left on a desk for several days or misplaced in the junk mail pile. When you send Certified Mail, you know the recipient will get it.

Detailed Tracking

You can track many types of mail, but not in the same way you can track Certified Mail. Your postage company will first scan a record of the date and time they get your package. Then, they'll scan your package every time it goes through a different post office or postal facility.

And this information is updated every hour. No matter where you send your Certified Mail, you'll know where it is at all times.


Certified Mail is much more secure than normal delivery methods.

If there's no one at the delivery address who's able to sign for the package, it won't be left on the doorstep for anyone to take. Instead, a notice will be left for the recipient and the package will be taken to a postage facility.

The recipient can then take the notice and pick up the item at a later date.

You can also dictate who the package is left with. This ensures the package ends up in the right hands.

Understanding the Benefits That Come With the Cost of Certified Mail

The cost of Certified Mail is much higher than the cost of traditional mail—that's no secret. But the benefits that come with the certified label more than make up for the added expenses.

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