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From the moment an order is placed or something is mailed, we are inundated with real time notification. Tracking abilities and the constant notifications surrounding mail, parcels, and package deliveries has become a commonality.

In fact, the information garnered through the delivery process is a large component of why so many people utilize USPS Certified Mail. However, the most important aspect is the proof that Certified Mail provides the sender. Proof of mailing and proof of delivery are not only convenient, but often required in certain industries.

How to Check Tracking with Certified Mail Labels

Each Certified Mail article is tracked by the United States Postal Service (USPS) tracking system. The item is scanned when it is accepted into the mail stream, in-route through the various USPS mail sorting and automated processing centers, and finally at the delivery destination when the item is delivered.

Learn more about Certified Mail tracking scans and the proof that Certified Mail provides. Click here for instructions to access your Certified Mail Labels tracking summary.

While tracking information is common, some terms aren't as obvious or telling. Below, we're covering frequently listed Certified Mail tracking scan terms used on Electronic Delivery Confirmation reports, Return Receipt reports, and USPS SCAN Form PS 5630.

Terms Defined

  • Shipping label prepared - When sending something with a mail service that includes delivery confirmation, a tracking number is immediately assigned. When the label, needed to ship the mail piece, has been created this term is noted.
  • Accepted at USPS Origin Facility or Accepted Logged at USPS - This term is noted when the sender's mail piece is received by USPS to join the mail stream.
  • Departed - This term is used when the mail piece has left the United States Postal Service's Sorting Facility. An estimated delivery time may be provided on the tracking report at this time.
  • In Transit - When your mail piece is moving between stops along the mail route, the package tracking log will show this term.
  • Out for Delivery - Once the mail piece has reached the closest check point to the delivery address, is scanned and on it's way to the recipient, this term is noted.
  • Delivery Attempt - This term is used when a mail carrier is unsuccessfull in delivering the mail piece. Often times this occurs when no one is available to sign for a Certified letter.
  • Notice Left for Recipient - When a delivery attempt has been made, the carrier will leave a notice at the recipient’s address. The notice provides instructions on where to pick up the parcel or how to schedule a second delivery attempt.
  • Scheduled Redelivery - When the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the sender can schedule a second attempt here.
  • Unclaimed - This term is noted when a piece of mail is dead in the mail stream or when it is not accepted by the recipient.
  • Dead Mail - When a mail piece cannot be delivered to the noted or forwarding address; yet, does not have a return address to be returned to sender, it is noted as Dead Mail.
  • Undeliverable or Unable to deliver - This term is noted for a number of reasons. Such as, if a parcel does not have a deliverable address noted or adequate postage, is refused or unclaimed by the addressee, or does not meet mailing requirements.
  • Returned to Sender - For mail that cannot be forwarded and is undeliverable to the noted address, this term is used.
  • Delivered - This term notes the successful delivery of the mail piece to its intended destination.
  • Electronic Delivery Confirmation - Certified Mail Labels Electronic Delivery Confirmation™ is a receipt that provides evidence of mailing and proof of USPS Certified Mail letter delivery. Certified Mail Labels provides a PDF report that is automatically generated and emailed for each Certified Mail Label when it is delivered. The PDF reports can be accessed and printed for up to 10 years.
  • Return Receipt - Return Receipt Electronic is a product of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and is used to provide proof of USPS Certified Mail® letter delivery. When the Certified Mail® letter is delivered, USPS creates a PDF file that can be emailed to you hours after delivery. A copy of this report is also stored inside your Certified Mail Labels account for 10 years.

View the full list of USPS Postal Terms.

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