Certified Mail Labels

You have an important document that you absolutely need to know will get to its intended destination. You're likely already using Certified Mail to make that happen, but there's a good chance you're costing your company far more than you need to.

There are so many ways that businesses lose time and money. Spending those resources on something like certified mail labels certainly doesn't make sense. So, let's look into how certified labels work and help you save both time and money!

With our Certified Mail labels services, you can save $2.75 on every single one you produce and send. Think about how much that could add up to in just one year.

Because we want your business to succeed and we don't want you wasting time and money, here's a handy guide to how Certified Mail labels work. Let's start at the very beginning.

What are Certified Mail Labels?

For starters, Certified Mail is a USPS mailing option that allows you to send a package to anywhere in the United States and get a receipt and electronic verification of delivery or attempted delivery.

The labels you need to use are quite particular. You probably already know what they look like. They have that green coloring and come with all the necessary tracking information. The label does the job of giving you peace of mind that you can track the package and get that crucial confirmation it has arrived in the right hands.

The USPS provides these at post offices, of course, but if you're sending a bulk mailing that's going to be a painstaking handwriting exercise for someone in your office.

What Should You Use a Label For?

There are five main reasons you should use a Certified Mail label:

  • Proof you sent the package
  • Proof your package was delivered or an attempt at delivery was made
  • A signature from the recipient is needed
  • When you need your delivery to be legally binding
  • Insurance on the package might be necessary

Except for that last bullet above, the others are the trigger for you knowing you need certified mail. If you don't need all those things then you might not need to use this service. But when you need to be able to show you sent something, know that it was received, and get the recipient's signature, then this is the service for you and a label is what you must have.

How Much Does It Cost?

Adding certified mail to anything you send can be expensive, especially when you send a lot of pieces of mail. We can save you $2.75 per piece.

Perhaps even more importantly, our automated service saves you time and money in other ways, too.

  • No more trips to the Post Office, green cards, forms, labels or stickers!
  • No postage meter costs, no new equipment, no software to download and install
  • No lease or long-term contracts
  • No monthly fees; just pay as you mail

When you're ready to make your certified mailing easier we have the team and the tools to help you out. We're ready to walk you through an estimate or you can use our price estimate tool on our website.

What Can We Offer You?

Everything! That's the real benefit of using Certified Mail Labels. We provide you with all the tools, automation, resources, tracking, and reports that you need to make sure you stay on top of your certified mailing needs.

We want you to know how to use certified mail labels so we provide the most complete service possible.

  • Address letters online
  • Get USPS Address Correction to expedite each letter’s delivery
  • Get proof of mailing, daily letter tracking and delivery confirmation by email
  • 10-year off-site data storage keeps all your data secure and easy to locate
  • Prints labels with the correct USPS Postage
  • Multi-user system allows for unlimited users
  • Multi-office, department or company use

The labels we create for your mailing is a plain sheet of paper that prints on your color printer. we designed to be glued onto the outside of your envelope. If you would prefer to have the special green USPS certified mail banner we also offer USPS-approved certified mail envelopes that can be printed on. Our special envelopes feature a large cellophane window for easy barcode reading, sorting, and processing to help expedite delivery.

No amount of certified mail is too much for our platform to handle. There's no special software to install. You simply set up an online account and a payment account and then follow our easy-to-understand instructions.

Helping You is What We Do

So, there you have it. A handy guide to the ins and outs of certified mail labels. Our aim here is to help you know how to use certified mail labels. We want your business to thrive and we don't want you spending time manually filling out labels, going to the post office, and then tracking where you shipped what and when, and if it's been delivered.

Using Certified Mail Labels is one of the best ways you can help your business succeed. We love that idea because we're proud of the small (and big) businesses in this country. You're the backbone of the economy and we're giving you just a little more spine with our cost-saving services.

When you need to send multiple pieces of certified mail, just remember that's what we do. Those pesky labels will be a thing of the past and you'll have everything you need to keep on top of your mail as it whisks across the country to its intended recipients.

We have a friendly and expert customer service team so get in touch with us to schedule an online demonstration of our Certified Mail Labels automation and skip the trip to the Post Office!