Certified Mail Labels | Electronic Delivery ConfirmationWhen mailing important documents, United States Postal Service (USPS) Certified Mail plays a crucial role in credible record keeping.

Sending sensitive information and legal documents is stressful. Senders want security and peace of mind. That's why, many individuals and businesses turn to Send Certified Mail with Electronic Delivery Confirmation.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into:

  • The specifics of USPS Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt
  • The benefits an Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report provides
  • How you can obtain proof of delivery, Return Receipt Signatures, tracking, and a 10-year compliance archive, free of charge

What is Delivery Confirmation?

Delivery confirmation is a service that provides the sender with confirmation that USPS has successfully delivered a mail item. While standard delivery confirmation is available for various classes of mail, Certified Mail takes this a step further by incorporating Electronic Delivery Confirmation. This digital proof of delivery offers a higher level of accuracy and immediacy compared to traditional delivery confirmation methods.

Understanding USPS Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt

Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt or Delivery Confirmation is a service offered by USPS. It provides senders with an additional layer of assurance regarding the delivery of their important documents. This Certified Mail service provides you with proof of delivery for your mail. You can even track its journey in real-time.

The Send Certified Mail Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report digitally confirms the successful delivery of the mail piece. This report includes essential details such as the:

  • Return Addresses
  • USPS Electronic Postmark
  • USPS Certified Mail Tracking Number
  • Proof of Mailing
  • Delivery Address
  • Delivery Attempts
  • Date and time of delivery
  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's signature

Send Certified Mail automatically sends users an Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report. The email is sent when the certified letter has been delivered. The PDF report includes all the details listed above and USPS reports all tracking information.

Why Send Certified Mail?

Send Certified Mail is a fast and easy, same-business-day printing and mailing service. Quickly upload a PDF letter and let us handle the printing, packing, and mailing. We mail all letters using live USPS postage, for a fraction of the cost you'd find at the Post Office. Receive an Electronic Delivery Confirmation for each letter mailed, right to your email inbox.

Send Certified Mail is a safe and trustworthy way to send USPS Certified Mail without the hassle and added expense of the Post Office.

Send Certified Mail vs. USPS

  Send Certified Mail USPS
Cost Included in Mailing $2.20
Delivery Time  Immediate Dependent on Request
Delivery Method Automatically emailed & Available on Account Dashboard You must go online, enter your email & tracking number to request your report
Storage Free Access for 10 Years Mailing cost + $4.20-$6.75 for 10 Years

Can I Find a USPS Receipt Online?

Yes. The tracking number monitors the progress of the mailpiece from the moment it enters the mail steam. The tracking number is a unique identifier that follows the letter until it reaches its destination.

Immediately see proof of delivery and valuable documentation about your letter, by logging into your Send Certified Mail dashboard. Then, select the "Tracking" icon to access the Certified Mail Tracking Summary Report. Users also receive an Electronic Delivery Confirmation report automatically (via email) upon letter delivery.

For letters mailed directly through the Post Office, you will need your tracking number and email address to request your Return Receipt Electronic. You will then need to wait for USPS to email it to you.

Does USPS Provide Proof of Delivery?

Indeed, USPS offers proof of delivery through the Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt. The ability to obtain proof of delivery is particularly crucial when sending legal documents, contracts, or other important papers that require verification of receipt.

How Do I Get Proof of Delivery for Certified Mail?

Getting proof of delivery for your Certified Mail is a straightforward process. The combination of real-time tracking and the recipient's electronic signature ensures a secure and efficient way to confirm the delivery of your important documents.

Once you have sent your mail item using Send Certified Mail with Electronic Delivery Confirmation, you can obtain the proof of delivery by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Send Certified Mail dashboard.
  2. Select the "Tracking" icon to access the Certified Mail Tracking Summary Report.

NOTE: Users also receive an Electronic Delivery Confirmation report automatically via email upon letter delivery.

Letters sent at the Post Office must follow these steps to access their Electronic Return Receipt.

  1. Retrieve Your USPS Tracking Number: Locate the tracking number assigned to your Certified Mail item. This number is essential for accessing the Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt. You can find it on the mailing receipt.
  2. Visit the USPS Website: Go to the official USPS website and navigate to the tracking section.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: Input the tracking number into the provided field and initiate the tracking process.
  4. View and Download Receipt: Once the tracking information is displayed, look for the Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt. You can typically download and save this receipt for your records.

NOTE: When you purchase through USPS, you must purchase the Return Receipt Electronic at the time of mailing. Customer must have their 20-digit tracking number and enter their email to access receipt.

What Does Certified Mail RRR Mean?

Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested (RRR) is a specialized service that goes beyond Electronic Delivery Confirmation.

With RRR, the sender receives a physical return receipt, also known as the "green card" (form 3800). The recipient signs the card upon delivery. Then, the sender must wait for the green card to be signed and returned.

This option it often a choice for highly sensitive or legal documents. However, the Return Receipt Requested Signature offers the same layer of protection. Upon delivery, the report will include confirmation of delivery along with the recipient's electronic signature.

The integration of tracking numbers, Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipts, and additional services like Return Receipt Requested make Certified Mail an excellent choice for critical correspondence. By following the outlined steps, you can confidently send important documents, track their delivery progress, and obtain proof of delivery for your peace of mind.

In the evolving landscape of mailing services, embracing Electronic Delivery Confirmation is a smart move for individuals and businesses alike. It not only provides a digital trail of your Certified Mail but also ensures that you can access crucial proof of delivery with ease, making your mailing experience seamless and secure.
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