Certified Mail Labels |  Can You Send It Outside of the United States?

Got an important document you need to send outside of the United States?

There's a lot of mailing options available, but not all of them work. Fortunately for you, we've got the information and services you need to make the best decision.

We want to make sure you have the best information on hand to decide how to get your important mail to Canada, Mexico, and beyond.

Continue reading for all the facts regarding USPS Certified Mail and how to make your international mailing as easy and effective as possible.

The Basics

The most crucial thing you need to know right now is that Certified Mail cannot be used to send packages outside of the US. This obstacle applies to certified mail for Canada and Mexico. Even though they are right next door to the US, you still can't use Certified Mail.

There are many other situations in which it's the best option, but there are other services to use for that all-important package destined for Canada and Mexico. We'll give you the low-down on what services might work for your international shipping in more detail in this post.

Before you make any decision on how to send your mail abroad, you need to know the basic information about that mail.

What size is it? Do you need a signature from the recipient?

How quickly do you need the recipient to receive your package? Do you need insurance?

Knowing this information is important because it'll allow you to choose the best option that does exist for international mail. It's also good to have all the details you can about your packages because it'll let you estimate your costs and those of your customers.

Keep an eye on the news too. You'll get updates that way on things such as shipping deadlines at certain times of the year, as well as any changes to laws and regulations. Again, if you have this information in your pocket, you won't be surprised by additional costs or restrictions on getting your package to its destination.

But Why Can't I Use Certified Mail for Foreign Addresses?

Certified Mail is a USPS service designed for within the United States on mail requiring a signature upon delivery. As you can imagine, the USPS, which is an American government institution, can't cross the border. The nice person in the white truck doesn't make the delivery, so it's pretty hard for them to get a signature!

That's the crucial part about Certified Mail: the signature. It's why it really is the best option for many of your domestic shipping needs, but isn't a choice outside of the US.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Now that we've told you USPS Certified Mail isn't going to work for Canada, Mexico, and other international locations, we better tell you about other services that do exist to get that all-important document where it needs to go and when it needs to be there.

The USPS offers a variety of International Registered Mail options, including services with delivery times from as quick as 1-3 days. Again, which one to use depends on the package you're shipping. These options offer some of the same benefits as what we can do for you in the US through our certified mailing services.

Through USPS's international services, you can track your package, but you won't get a signature; you can get delivery confirmation. You can also get guaranteed delivery times, and so on.

Check Out the Private Shipping Companies

You could also consider the big private shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. These three companies are global and aren't limited to options only within the US.

FedEx offers signature options for your mail in more than 60 countries. UPS has a variety of options for Canada and Mexico. DHL has had several signature options for some time now.

The great thing about FedEx, UPS, and DHL is that they are masters in international shipping. These companies have their own fleets of planes to get your packages around the world.

Their experience and massive networks mean that not only can you guarantee delivery of your item, but you can also guarantee when it's delivered. Sometimes, you need to know that your mail will be there when someone says it will be.

There are also companies with a platform that combines all the above shipping options and more. Such platforms mean you have the opportunity to get the best services at the best prices.

So no matter what you need for your international mail, it's clear there are plenty of options to make sure your package gets to its intended location.

We've Got Your Back

At Certified Mail Labels, we've got your back. We want you to have the information you need on all things to do with Certified Mail.

Sometimes, that means we have to give you the bad news that it just won't work for what you need to send. We're honest with this kind of information so when you do need to use Certified Mail, you know you can trust us.

When your mail destination is in the United States, we can offer you a range of services, including the creation of batch labels, easy-to-use price estimation, automatically generated online reports for delivery and signature confirmation, and much more.

Get in touch with us to request some labels or to ask any questions about when and where to use USPS Certified Mail. But for now, remember, if it's crossing a border, your package needs a different option.
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