Certified Mail Labels | Benefits of Certified Mail in the Legal IndustryThere are over 1.3 million licensed attorneys in the United States according to the most recent survey conducted by the American Bar Association. Consider additional staff and legal aids and it’s no wonder why the legal industry is one of the largest to utilize Certified Mail®.

In fact, the legal services industry is highly dependent on Certified Mail®. The reason, in short, is attributed to compliance. Certified Mail allows firms to best serve clients and adhere to procedural requirements.

Why is Certified Mail Important?

Sending mail certified provides proof of mailing and delivery confirmation to the sender. These items provide the date on which an item was mailed, letter tracking, and confirmation when the letter or parcel is delivered to the recipient.

Certified Mail requires a signature upon delivery to provide ‘proof’ that the item was in fact received. However, many states accept attempts to deliver as sufficient notice even if the letter is never signed for. For example, if the recipient isn’t home when the Postal Service attempts to deliver, the carrier will leave a notification slip. If the recipient does not go to their listed USPS facility to claim the letter the sender has still done their due diligence.

Therefore, the ‘proof’ gained by sending Certified Mail can greatly benefit the sender as it relates to cases and holds weight in court. Certified Mail is used primarily for important legal and compliance mail, subpoenas, citations, and notice to owners' mailings.

In addition to proof of mailing and delivery confirmation, Certified Mail provides the sender with acceptance by the United States Postal Service, USPS tracking, and Return Receipt Signature for each compliance letter sent.

Why Use Certified Mail Labels?

Regardless of having couriers, long lines at the Post Office mailing letters is not the most efficient use of staff time. Some firms, that aren’t using Certified Mail Labels, spend more money paying staff to prep and send their Certified Mail than they do on the actual mail they’re sending.

There is a better way! At the volume in which firms utilize Certified Mail, multiple weekly trips to the Post Office aren’t logistically or financially efficient.

Certified Mail Labels offers a much more cost-effective option while providing time-saving efficiencies. Certified Mail Labels allows users to address and print United States Postal Service Certified Mail® Labels, Priority Mail labels, and Express Mail labels online with USPS Postage using a computer or mobile device.

In addition to the time, money, and resources saved, users also receive a 10-year data archive which offers peace of mind and impeccably organized records with proof of mailing, letter tracking, and delivery confirmation for each of your compliance letters, available 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Skip the trip to the Post Office entirely and send Certified Mail, on the same business day, from anywhere.

Not only do users save time, but also money. Users who send their compliance mail with Certified Mail Labels save over $2 on each letter.

See how much you can save by using Certified Mail Labels.

Is Certified Mail Labels Secure?

Now, more than ever, the security of personal information is so valuable. Certified Mail Labels prioritizes the private information of the law firms we serve and their clients. Our bank-grade encryption offers an added layer of protection for personal information and compliance mail for the utmost safety and security.

Our secure online compliance storage keeps copies of user documents, including proof of mailing, USPS tracking, Electronic Delivery Confirmation, and Return Receipt Signature for ten years at no additional cost. Certified Mail Labels is the perfect solution for an individual attorney or an entire firm.  

How To Get Started

It may not be legal advice, but saving time and money with Certified Mail Labels is certainly sound advice.

Join the approximate 30,000 firms using Certified Mail Labels to handle their Certified Mail and create an account now! It’s fast and easy. No more waiting in long lines at the Post Office! Just log-in, address, print, and mail.

There is no longer a need for stickers, forms, or green cards, and no equipment is needed. Save time and money by paying as you mail and skipping the trip to the Post Office.

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