In today's fast-paced world, businesses and individuals alike seek streamlined solutions that enhance efficiency and cut costs.

When sending Certified Mail, choosing the right service provider is crucial. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has long been the go-to option, but Certified Mail Labels is a better alternative.

Choosing Certified Mail Labels over the United States Postal Service for Certified Mail services is an easy choice.

  Certified Mail Labels USPS
Cost to Mail* $6.49 $9.64
Time Investment Print the Label, Drop Letter in Mail Communte to the Post Office & Wait in Line to Mail
10-Year Data Archive Included in Mailing Cost Additional $4.20-$6.75

*Amount listed reflects a 1oz. letter mailed with CML cash discount.

Below you will find the key benefits of using Certified Mail Labels over USPS for sending Certified Mail. Spoiler Alert: You'll save time and money and find unmatched convenience.

Cost Efficiency

One of the primary considerations when choosing a Certified Mail service is cost. Certified Mail Labels is the cheapest way to send Certified Mail. Unlike USPS, which may involve cumbersome processes and additional fees, Certified Mail Labels offers transparent and affordable pricing.

Operating on a pay-as-you-go model, Certified Mail Labels requires no upfront investments or monthly subscriptions. Certified Mail Labels provides users with the flexibility to purchase labels as needed, avoiding unnecessary expenses for unused services. A cash discount is available for those who wish to pay by paper check, bank wire, or electronic ACH fund transfer. Further optimizing cost-effectiveness.

The site offers a variety of mailing options. Users can choose from various delivery speeds and service levels. Ensuring that they pay only for the features they need. Create USPS Certified Mail® labels, Priority Mail labels and Express Mail labels with USPS Postage online!

Choose the most economical delivery method based on your specific requirements. This caters to the diverse needs of individual users. As well as, accommodates the unique requirements of businesses of all sizes.

Certified Mail Labels stands out as a valuable resource for those seeking budget-friendly Certified Mail solutions.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of purchasing and printing Certified Mail labels. This intuitive system minimizes the learning curve associated with traditional methods, enabling users to generate labels quickly and efficiently.

Users can save valuable time and resources. Rather than spending time in line at the Post Office navigating complex postal processes. Certified Mail Labels is committed to providing affordable solutions without compromising on quality or reliability.


Convenience is a key factor influencing the choice of a Certified Mail service. Certified Mail Labels redefines convenience in Certified Mail services by offering a seamless, digital experience. Unlike the often time-consuming processes associated with USPS, Certified Mail Labels makes the entire Certified Mail experience easy.

Skip the trip to the Post Office all together. Easily create and print Certified Mail labels directly from your computer. This convenience is particularly beneficial for busy professionals and businesses with high mailing volumes, saving both time and effort. An ideal solution for businesses operating in remote locations or individuals with busy schedules.

The platform's integration capabilities extend its convenience factor by allowing users to connect with their existing document management systems or CRMs. This integration reduces manual data entry, minimizing the risk of errors and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Businesses can effortlessly incorporate Certified Mail Labels into their existing processes, realizing immediate time and resource savings.

Users receive real-time tracking updates to monitor the status of their Certified Mail items from dispatch to delivery. Whether it's monitoring mailing, tracking transit, or verifying a delivery attempt, users can stay informed at every step of the process. This transparency and accessibility contribute to a stress-free experience, fostering confidence in mail delivery.

10-Year Free Data Storage

In the digital age, data storage is a critical consideration for businesses and individuals alike. Certified Mail Labels stands out as a secure and efficient solution. Distinguishing itself from USPS by offering advanced data storage capabilities that enhance record-keeping and compliance.

USPS and others charge extra for short-term data storage. While Certified Mail Labels offers users a 10-years data archive free of charge.

Using bank-grade encryption Certified Mail Labels takes data security seriously, implementing robust encryption measures to protect user information. This commitment to data integrity ensures that users can trust the platform with their confidential documents and sensitive correspondence.

Users benefit from a centralized and secure cloud-based system that stores all mailing information. The storage system not only safeguards sensitive information but also facilitates easy retrieval and organization of data.

This includes proof of mailing, proof of delivery, delivery confirmation, tracking numbers, and recipient signatures, ensuring that crucial data is readily accessible whenever needed. This streamlined approach to data storage saves time and promoting a proactive approach to record-keeping and compliance. While offering peace of mind through mitigating the risk of losing important documents.

Certified Mail Labels provides users with a comprehensive dashboard that allows for easy tracking and management of all transactions. This level of organization fosters accountability and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements.

About Certified Mail

Certified Mail offers peace of mind when sending important compliance mail and legal documents. This USPS service requires a signature. When the recipient signs for the item the return receipt acts as proof of delivery.

Why Certified Mail Labels

When efficiency, cost savings, and convenience are key, Certified Mail Labels is the optimal choice for Certified Mail services. Our commitment to transparency, advanced data storage capabilities, and user-friendly features make Certified Mail Labels a standout solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Save $3.15 on postage for each Certified Mail® green card mail receipt with Certified Mail Labels.

As businesses and individuals continue to prioritize efficiency and savings, Certified Mail Labels stands as a reliable partner in optimizing the Certified Mail process. Navigating Certified Mail has never been easier, thanks to the comprehensive features offered by Certified Mail Labels.

Certified Mail Labels is the easiest way to send Certified Mail. It boasts cost efficiency, advanced data storage capabilities, and unparalleled convenience. Certified Mail Labels offers a robust platform that empowers users to navigate the complexities of Certified Mail with confidence and ease.

Make the switch today and experience a seamless, cost-effective, and streamlined approach to Certified Mail services. Learn more about how we can best serve you, please contact our Customer Support team.
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