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As of July 1, 2021 all collections agencies that deal with any type of Medical Debt in Nevada, must use either Certified Mail or Registered Mail to send their initial notices. Certified Mail Labels provides a fast and easy way to get same-day processing.

Certified Mail Labels has been automating USPS Certified Mail since 2006 for Fortune 500 companies that are required to mail compliance notifications by Certified Mail. The process is fast and easy, and customers only pay for what they mail.  We can automate printing and mailing a PDF medical debt collection letter. Our full-service printing and mailing service provides Electronic Delivery Confirmation, a compliance report that can be used to stop the clock on the 60-day notification period. 

The cost to send a Certified Mail letter using our full-service print and same-business-day mailing started at $7.59. This cost includes all postage and the Certified Mail fee and includes the Electronic Delivery Confirmation to show postage receipt and the date and time of acceptance into the mail stream. Your cost may be slightly higher due to the additional pages of paper and the weight of the letter. 

To register for a free account, visit Certified Mail Labels or call 800-406-1792 and speak with one of our Specialists to learn about how you can automate your compliance mail using our API or other secure interface processes. 

The new law began in New Mexico in April 2021, and now Nevada will follow the same process. The law requires Health Care collection agencies to send notifications by USPS Certified Mail or Registered Mail not less than 60 days before taking any action to collect a medical debt.

The Certified Mail notification must include the following:

1.   Facility Name    
2.   Date which goods and services were provided;
3.   The principal amount of the debt
4.   The collection agency name; and if the medical debt was assigned to the collection agency for collection; or that the collection agency has otherwise obtained the medical debt for collection.
5.  The law also specifies that if a debtor initiates contact with a collection agency during the 60-day notification period, the collection agency cannot consider the contact to be a waiver of the collection hold; the prohibition on collection remains intact.

The law goes into effect July 1, 2021, and imposes significant requirements and restrictions on collecting medical debt in the State of Nevada and New Mexico. The law applies to all debt for goods and services provided by medical facilities. The definitions of “medical debt” and “medical facility” are expansive. The only specific exemption from the definition of medical debt is open-end or closed-end extensions of credit made by a financial institution to a borrower, which the borrower can use at their discretion for purposes other than the purchase of goods or services provided by a healthcare facility.

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