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Only 15 percent of consumers say they're happy with the shipping options offered by online retailers. Customers expect cheap and fast shipping, but that can eat into your profit margins.

Flat rate shipping is a life (and cost) saver for small businesses that ship predictable small but heavy items. All you need to do is choose your envelope and pay the flat shipping rate - no matter how much it weighs.

Stop weighing and worrying and start shipping confidently with this complete guide to the uses of flat rate boxes. Sending a Certified Mail letter? Skip the trip to the Post Office and shop USPS Certified Mail envelopes.

What Is Flat Rate Shipping? What are USPS Flat Rate Boxes?

Flat rate shipping from USPS allows you to ship a package anywhere in the continental United States for a flat fee and expected arrival of one to three business days.

To use the service, you choose a box or envelope, which has a flat fee assigned to it. It doesn't matter how much the box or envelope weighs; if it fits, it ships.

Though there is an upper limit of 70 pounds. Also, the box or envelope must close naturally so that you can secure it. If it doesn't, you need to scale up to a larger size envelope or box.

Note: the one to the three-day shipping time is an estimate. It is not a guarantee, and there's no money-back guarantee attached.

Who Can Use Flat Rate Shipping?

Anyone can use flat rate shipping for their business - or even personal - needs.

Flat rate shipping works best for those who sell items that are small but heavy. For example, books fit neatly in envelopes or boxes, but their weight makes them disproportionately expensive when you use standard shipping.

How does the USPS Flat Rate packaging benefit businesses?

The USPS Flat Rate packaging provides a convenient and cost-effective shipping option for businesses. With a single shipping rate regardless of destination and up to 70 pounds, businesses can save on shipping costs and simplify their shipping process.

When to Use Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping is perfect for businesses who want to ship packages quickly but who don't have much to spare when it comes to cost.

The boxes you receive for flat rate shipping are free with the shipping fee, which saves you money. They also ship quickly (usually one to three days), and you can combine packages without worrying about escalating costs for you and your customers.

Because the boxes come with the shipping service and you only need to print the labels, it works best for cost-cutting efficiency.

However, flat rate boxes aren't the best option for every business. Why? Because the system is rigid compared to Priority Mail. Priority Mail is a weight-based shipping method, but it allows more flexibility in packaging.

Rather than sending out your products in USPS-branded packaging, Priority Mail allows you to use whatever branded packaging you like.

Why a Business Uses Flat Rate Boxes to Save Money

Flat rate shipping offers real benefits to anyone who runs to the post office more than twice a week.

Here's how you'll win:

First, merchants who choose flat rate shipping get free boxes and envelopes as part of the package. You can save up to $1 per item when you don't have to pay for the box.

Second, you get priority delivery. Priority delivery is a huge advantage for customers who want fast shipping at reasonable rates. Priority Mail arrives in two to three days, and it goes through a special handling process with USPS so that you can serve customers with confidence.

Third, it opens up more customers. If you can't ship to PO boxes or government addresses, then flat rate shipping opens up a whole new demographic at the same cost as the addresses you already reach.

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How to Add Flat Rate Shipping to Your Basket (and Earn More Customers)

The most important gift that flat rate shipping gives you is that it offers customers the benefit of predictability. Being able to predict their shipping costs is a huge consideration, and it sets you apart from your competitors.

Remember that 95 percent of shoppers say shipping impacts their buying choices, and it makes all the difference for approximately 64 percent of those customers.

By using flat rate shipping, you can better mask your shipping fees to encourage more customers.

First, you can add your flat rate costs to your shipping page, so they know the cost of shipping before they fall in love with your product.

Second, you can integrate your shipping costs with the product cost. By taking this route, it appears as though you offer free shipping. However, you still collect the shipping fee, so you don't make a loss to win new customers.

Think the second route sounds complicated? Remember that customers who receive "free shipping" are 10 percent happier on average than customers who pay for shipping. 

How to Use Flat Rate Shipping from Your Office

Skip the line at the post office and complete your flat rate shipping orders from home. Here's how to do it:

1. Order Your Boxes and Envelopes: Flat rate shipping boxes and envelopes come in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do is order them. You can order them online from the USPS shop, or consult your local USPS postmaster to get them offline.

2. Print Your Labels: Once you have your boxes, you print the appropriate labels. Your labels must contain your sender and receiver as well as the envelope or box type. Because there's no need to weigh it, you'll get your flat shipping rate right away. Double-check your address (to avoid lost mail fees) and then print.

3. Drop Your Packages at the Post Office: Attach your labels to each order, and then take them to the post office. That's all you need to do to send flat-rate shipping envelopes and packages from your office.

Is Flat Rate Shipping Right for You?

A small business uses flat rate boxes to save time and money, but they also do it to set themselves apart from their competition.

Flat rate shipping gives you and your customers' shipping certainty without penalizing either of you for the weight of the box.

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What is USPS Regional Rate shipping?

USPS Regional Rate shipping is a service provided by the United States Postal Service that offers a flat rate for shipping packages weighing up to 15 or 20 pounds. This shipping method is a variation of USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate, but with one key difference: Regional Rate takes the distance traveled into consideration, unlike Flat Rate.

When comparing Regional Rate to other weight-based Priority Mail methods and other Flat Rate services, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. However, the potential savings can be significant, making it worthwhile to compare the different options.

For instance, when comparing Regional Rate Box A with Medium & Large Flat Rate Boxes, Box A generally offers better rates for most shipping zones, especially for packages weighing up to 15 pounds.

Similarly, when comparing Regional Rate Box B with Medium & Large Flat Rate Boxes for packages weighing up to 20 pounds, Box B is the more economical choice for Zones 1-5. However, for Zones 6-7, the Medium Flat Rate Box might be more advantageous, and for Zones 8-9, the Large Flat Rate Box could be the better option.

Similar to USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Boxes, Regional Rate also offers two different versions of shipping boxes for both sizes A and B.

What is the USPS Priority Mail APO/FPO/DPO Large Flat Rate Box used for?

The USPS Priority Mail APO/FPO/DPO Large Flat Rate Box is specifically designed for sending items to troops and military personnel stationed overseas. Its dimensions and weight limit are identical to the regular USPS Flat Rate Large Box. However, what sets it apart is the inclusion of a message of support for military troops and a discounted postage rate for the shipping service. This box is particularly useful for individuals who wish to send packages to their loved ones serving in the military abroad. By offering a flat-rate shipping option, it simplifies the process of sending items and helps mitigate the otherwise potentially high costs associated with international shipping.

Is there a Flat Rate Large Box option for shipping larger and heavier packages?

Yes, the USPS Flat Rate Large Box is available for shipping larger and heavier packages.

Are there USPS Flat Rate Envelopes available for documents and non-bulky items?

Yes, there are USPS Flat Rate Envelopes available specifically for documents and non-bulky items.

What is the suitability of each box size for different types of items?

The USPS Flat Rate Small Box is suitable for smaller dense/heavy items. The USPS Flat Rate Medium Boxes come in different versions with different dimensions, offering flexibility for various items. The USPS Flat Rate Large Box is ideal for shipping larger, heavier packages.

What are the different sizes and box options available for USPS Flat Rate Boxes?

There are three main Flat Rate Box sizes: Flat Rate Small Box, Flat Rate Medium Box 1, and Flat Rate Medium Box 2.

What are the dimensions of USPS Flat Rate Medium Boxes?

The dimensions of USPS Flat Rate Medium Boxes vary depending on the version. The top-loading version, known as USPS Flat Rate Medium Box-1, has dimensions of approximately 11 1/4 inches in length, 8 3/4 inches in width, and 6 inches in height on the outside. Inside, it measures around 11 inches in length, 8 1/2 inches in width, and 5 1/2 inches in height.

On the other hand, the side-loading version, USPS Flat Rate Medium Box-2, has dimensions of roughly 14 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 3 1/2 inches in height on the outside. Inside, it measures approximately 13 5/8 inches in length, 11 7/8 inches in width, and 3 3/8 inches in height.

These medium-sized USPS Flat Rate boxes offer different configurations to accommodate various types of products, providing the flexibility needed for shipping purposes.

What are the dimensions of USPS Flat Rate Small Boxes?

The dimensions of USPS Flat Rate Small Boxes are as follows:

The outside dimensions are approximately 8 11/16 inches in length, 5 7/16 inches in width, and 1 3/4 inches in height. On the other hand, the inside dimensions measure around 8 5/8 inches in length, 5 3/8 inches in width, and 1 5/8 inches in height.

To give you a visual representation, USPS describes the size of the box as similar to three DVD cases stacked on top of each other. This comparison helps to envision the relative size of the Flat Rate Small Box.

These boxes are commonly utilized for shipping smaller items, especially those that are dense or heavy and do not fit inside regular envelopes. Some examples of items that can be shipped using Flat Rate Small Boxes include bulkier jewelry, small electronics, custom crochet and knitting needles, and more.

The Flat Rate Small Boxes are equipped with self-adhesive flaps, and it is important to ensure that these flaps can be fully closed without any bulging. This adheres to USPS guidelines and ensures proper packaging for shipment.

What are the dimensions of USPS Flat Rate envelopes?

USPS offers several types of Flat Rate envelopes with different dimensions. The USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope measures approximately 12 inches (L) x 9 inches (W). The Priority Mail Flat Rate Legal Envelope is slightly larger, with dimensions of approximately 15 inches (L) x 9 inches (W). Lastly, the Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope has dimensions of approximately 9 inches (L) x 12 inches (W). These envelopes are designed specifically for Priority Mail shipping and are ideal for conveniently mailing items that fit within the specified dimensions.

Can USPS Flat Rate shipping be used with non-USPS branded boxes?

No, USPS Flat Rate shipping cannot be used with non-USPS branded boxes. It is a requirement to use USPS-branded boxes when availing of the USPS Flat Rate service. It is not possible to ship using a plain brown box or your own branded packaging. Additionally, it is important to ensure that everything fits comfortably inside the USPS Priority Mail boxes without bulging or distorting the box.
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