Certified Mail Labels | 7 Ways to Make Your Physical Mail Stand Out

Is physical mail dead? Not by a long shot.

Even though it seems like everyone relies on email to send messages, physical mail is still used by individuals and companies for important documentation.

Physical mail can be very meaningful to people, and you want to make sure that the mail you send makes a strong impression.

Would you like to learn tips to make sure your mail makes an impact?

Keep reading to learn the best ways to make your physical mail get attention and get opened.

1. Have a Purpose and Goal for the Mailing

When you’re sending out pieces of mail, you want to make sure you have a purpose. This is true whether you’re sending out a mass mailing or you’re trying to reach a decision-maker at a large company.

Do you want to book a meeting with someone? Would you like a vendor to pay an overdue bill? Do you want to use a mass mailer to increase business?

You want to make sure you’re clear on the purpose of the mailer. This will help you design the right message and physical mail to achieve that purpose.  

2. Use Certified Labels

Nothing says this is an important piece of mail like a certified letter. It’s a great way to capture attention and get people to open the mail.

Certified letters also leave a paper trail because they require signatures. The mail recipient can’t conveniently use the excuse that they didn’t get the letter.

This is a great solution, especially in situations that may turn into legal situations. That’s why courts and government agencies like the IRS rely on it to serve papers and notices.

Even if your purpose doesn’t have a legal issue, certified mail labels can give your company a look of professionalism and you should be taken seriously. This can be useful if you’re trying to get the attention of an executive at a large organization.

3. Have a Call to Action

A call to action tells people what to do with a piece of physical mail. It can be used to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity.

A well-written call to action gives a person a reason to open the piece of mail, and that reason has to benefit the person the mail is addressed to. You want to craft your calls to action so they align with the goals of the mailing.

All too often, calls to action give an action someone should take, but don’t have a benefit. It will get ignored and put in a pile of other mail.

An example of a call to action is “Respond by June 5 to receive your free $25 gift card.” This gives a reader a specific action to take, a deadline, and a benefit.

4. Use an Image

Another way to give your physical mail a second look is to add an image on the envelope. This doesn’t have to be a full-blown photograph.

It can be as simple as adding your logo and contact information in the return section of the envelope. Your mail will attract attention because you’re using colors and the image of your logo.

People also process images much faster than text. They can glance at the image first, then open the piece of mail without having to think too much.

5. Send a Gift

Who doesn’t love free stuff? There is a psychology of free that marketers have used for years to attract attention and inspire action. Even at sporting events, people will go nuts over free t-shirts.

You can do the same in your mailing. You can use Priority Mail to include a booklet and promotional items about your company. Again, it has to be aligned with the purpose of the mailing and the action you want someone to take.

Offering a gift can make recipients feel special, which can create a stronger connection with your brand.

6. Check Your List

Are you getting ready to send a mass mailing? You want to make sure you use a list that’s up to date. This may require more work especially if you haven’t contacted your list in a while.

People may change positions or move to another organization. You don’t want to address an envelope to someone who left two years ago. That could make your organization look silly.

Instead, take the time to verify the information on your list by visiting websites or calling your list before you send out a mailing.

7. Personalize Mail

Personalization is a great way to get someone to notice your physical mail. You want to make sure that everything from the envelope to the letter inside is addressed to the right person.  

Personalization works in many marketing. It has been shown to increase consumer spending and brand loyalty.

A generic envelope and letter will only inspire someone to think the piece of mail is junk and will toss it out.

Make Your Physical Mail a Success

When you’re sending out pieces of mail, you want to make sure that they get attention. You don’t want important documents to be confused with junk mail and discarded.

There are several ways you can make sure that your mail stands out. You can use personalization, a call to action, or try to print an image like a logo on the envelope.

If you really want to call attention to a piece of mail, make it certified. A certified piece of mail says that this is important and needs attention.

There’s an easy way to print out certified labels without having to stand in long lines at the post office. Contact us today to find out more about our mailing services.
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