Certified Mail Labels | Send Certified Mail Full Service Print and Mail SolutionWhat's better than skipping the trip to your local Post Office and mailing your Certified Mail® online? Uploading your PDF and letting Send Certified Mail print, pack, and mail the letter for you!

Printing and shipping costs are rising. Employee retention is an ever-growing challenge. Not to mention, compliance mail regulations become more cumbersome. You need a partner in the online Certified Mail space- Send Certified Mail.

Send Certified Mail is the industry leader in same-business-day print and mail services.

How Does Send Certified Mail Work?

Send Certified Mail is an easy and affordable online printing and mailing solution for all your compliance mail needs. Upload your PDF letter file for same-business-day print and mail services from your home, office, or anywhere with internet access.

Whether you are sending a single-page letter or a large document, Send Certified Mail will print your PDF file and mail each letter Certified on your behalf. Select the form of mailing you prefer for your mail campaign- USPS Certified Mail, Priority Mail, or Express Mail.

We'll provide you with proof of mailing and acceptance by the United States Postal Service. You will immediately receive a USPS tracking number for each letter you send. There is no longer a need to keep up with green card, Certified Mail receipts.

Once delivered, you will get an Electronic Delivery Confirmation at no additional cost. Our complimentary, 10-year data archive provides convenient letter access and organized file storage 24/7/365.

Why Send Certified Mail?

1. Same-Business-Day Service

Send Certified Mail is proud to be the sole provider of online, same-business-day print and mail services. Easily upload your PDF letter file and the recipient address(es) for same-business-day mailing. For multiple PDF letters, upload your mailing list for batch processing.

2. Low Price Solution

As a trusted name in the online Certified Mail space, we've completed 22+ Million USPS Certified Mail transactions since 2006. Large-volume label production allows us to negotiate lower supply costs and we're proud to pass the savings on to our users. Send Certified Mail is your one-stop shop for affordable, same-business-day print and mail services.

3. Immediate Tracking Information

When you mail online, you should be able to track your letters immediately. As soon as your Certified Mail label is created, you will receive the corresponding tracking number. Track the delivery of each compliance letter and get proof of delivery with Electronic Delivery Confirmation. You can set up optional email notifications at no additional charge.

4. Proof of Mailing, Acceptance Authored by the U.S. Postal Service, and Delivery Confirmation

Trusting Send Certified Mail to handle your mailings means a hands-off experience for you. However, that doesn't mean you're left in the dark. You'll receive proof of mailing, authorized USPS acceptance, and delivery confirmation for each letter we mail on your behalf.

Order USPS Electronic Return Receipt signatures service to receive the signature for each delivery. Our service includes same-business-day mailing services to meet all your compliance requirements.

5. 10-Year Complimentary Letter Storage

As an added value, users have access to a 10-year, complimentary data archive. Each letter mailed is stored for easy reference 24/7/365.

Our bank-grade encryption offers secure and organized storage. Easily maintain digital records of your mailings with Send Certified Mail. Quickly reference previously sent PDF’s online from anywhere in the world.

6. No Contracts, Special Software, or Extra Equipment

Struggle with commitment? No problem! Send Certified Mail requires no contracts, no special software, and no extra equipment. Mail from anywhere in the world with just internet access and a computer or mobile device.

7. Certified Mail Industry Leader

As the pioneers of the first Electronic Signature, we automated USPS Certified Mail online. Over the last 17 years, we've gained the trust of more than 150,000 customers through online Certified Mail service. We continue to support customers by processing millions of transactions per year.

Send Certified Mail is the expert in print and mail services. Our one-stop shop print and mail promise ensures that your letter is sent quickly while saving you time and money.

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Consolidate your mailings even further with automations. Send Certified Mail offers automation through Secure File Transfer Protocol systems (SFTP). Once set up, easily drop your data for automatic processing.
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