Certified Mail Labels | 5 Reasons to Use Certified Mail Labels for Business

With companies spending $1.5 trillion a year on shipping and mailing costs, there shouldn't be any reason that things get lost. However, it's so common that mail and documents are lost in the process that shippers now provide insurance as an extra cost rather than just doing it better. With certified mail labels for business, you get the ability to track your mail accurately without having to worry about upsetting your customers or charging extra.

Here are five ways that certified mail labels help a business like yours.

1. Eliminate Errors

When you use certified mail labels for your business, you lessen the likelihood of dealing with postage mistakes. For any business or service provider who needs to use certified mail labels, there's usually a lot on the line for you. Typically, you have sensitive documents that need to reach someone by a certain deadline in order for your business to run smoothly.

When worrying about the right address, getting the right class, and ensure it gets there on time, you need to make sure you have the right postage. Being off by even a penny leads to delays in your shipping and in the process of returning, it turns into a chance for you to lose your package. If you handle all of your mailings within your office, you may end up with these kinds of postage errors.

If you opt for standard delivery over certified mail, you'll be sending without tracking and putting yourself in a potential bind. Without insurance or a delivery guarantee, you take on more risk than you should.

Certified mail enables secure tracking and transmission, usually at a late rate for every ounce you send. You'll end up with records so you can track your packages on a daily basis.

2. Stay Focused on What Matters

Do you hand over your mail to the carrier or put it into your outgoing box with your fingers crossed? Do you ever drop off a piece of mail and say to yourself "I guess we'll see"? That's a terrible but all too common way to approach mail at your institution.

If you're sending time-sensitive or critical information to your customers or clients, you need to send it with surety. If you're not sure whether or not the contract you're sending is going to arrive on your client's doorstep, you're going to have a lot of sleepless nights. While you're working on another project, you'll be distracted, thinking about the piece of mail you left in someone else's hands.

The future of your company is too important to leave to others. Your customers deserve your attention and the kind of secure solutions you would want from them. Certified mail gives you the kind of ability to track and record your deliveries to show your customers you care and to keep you from feeling restless.

3. Save Money

While you might not think of Certified Mail as the cheapest way to ensure that your mail gets where it needs to go, it's actually smarter to rely on over time. Certified Mail Labels includes a 10 year archive of the origional label, postmark, and USPS tracking to provide compliance proof for the IRS or others that may charge late or penality fees. You may not control the delivery process, but you have peace of mind that you mailed and complied timely. Thats all the law requires. 

Compliance documents are in the news every day. Having proof you complied securely and met the deadline is very important. If you are late, or the item, is lost, you're losing all that work that you put into acquiring that document in the first place.

As companies around the world start investing in more secure solutions for customer services, nothing is more secure than Certified Mail. It gets rid of document loss and ensures that you're giving your customers and clients and secure experience every step of the way.

4. Follow Every Stage

Lets face it, Certified Mail 'gets opened' it commands attention from the highest company officer.  If knowledge is power, then knowing every step of the delivery process for your documents is one of the best way to ensure that you have power over your competition. Certified Mail Labels make so easy to track each item every step of the way.

As the person sending them, the more you know about the shipping process, the better you can ensure that your customers stay informed. When sending sensitive materials, you can contact the postal service if you see any visible snags. Reaching out and raising a flag as soon as you see something happening means that you'll be on top of problems before they cause delays.

You won't worry about document loss with Certified Mail Labels. Check in with your clients once you see that a document has been delivered so that you know the status is accurate.

5. Even Get Return Receipts

Once a piece of mail has been delivered, you can request a return receipt. This lets you know that the item ended up in someone's hands and that you have documentation. Some clients have been known to claim that something wasn't delivered when it was.

In some cases, this is a deliberate deception, but in most, it's simply a mistake. With the hard copies that you get an electronic PDFs from your return receipts, you can ensure that you have proof.

You need to have records when you're sending out vital or critical documents and with certified mail labels, you get it.

Certified Mail Labels For Business Improve Efficiency

When you're using certified mail labels for business, you get the chance to give your customers what they deserve. No one should worry that the documents they need are going to be lost in the mail when they're working on something critical.

If you're wondering how certified mail works, check out our How Does It Work guide for more info.
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