Certified Mail Labels | 2023 Holiday Delivery Deadlines, Seasonal Package TrackingBelieve it or not, the holidays are already upon us. Santa may get all the credit for delivering cheer, but we know it's the folks behind the scenes who truly make the magic happen.

The holiday season is a busy time for package delivery, and it's important to be aware of the holiday delivery deadlines to ensure your packages arrive on time. Many shipping carriers have specific cutoff dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas, so it's crucial to plan accordingly.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay on top of your holiday shipping this season.

1. Check the holiday delivery deadlines: Different shipping carriers have different cutoff dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Make sure to check the specific deadlines for the carrier you are using to ensure your packages arrive on time.

Keep reading to find a compiled list of important deadlines and tracking information for the 2023 holiday delivery season.

2. Ship early: To avoid any last-minute stress, it's always a good idea to ship your packages as early as possible. This will give you a buffer in case of any unexpected delays. It will also save you money. The closer you wait until Christmas, the more you'll spend to ensure delivery.

3. Consider Certified Mail: Certified Mail is a great way to protect your shipment by receiving proof of mailing and delivery. When sending First-class mail, Priority Mail, and Express Mail Certified Mail Labels saves you time and money.

Skip the long lines at the Post Office and conveniently send Certified Mail from the comfort of your home. Learn more about Certified Mail Labels.

4. Use package tracking: Most shipping carriers provide global package tracking services that allow you to monitor the progress of your shipments. This can give you peace of mind and help you stay informed about the estimated delivery date.

5. Consider expedited shipping: If you have time-sensitive packages or need them to arrive before a specific date, consider using expedited shipping options. These services come with a higher cost but offer faster delivery times.

6. Communicate with recipients: If you are sending packages to friends or family members, it's a good idea to communicate with them about the expected delivery date. By being prepared to receive the package, they can avoid any missed deliveries.

During the holidays, shipping may be delayed due to high volumes and unexpected weather or circumstances. By planning ahead, using package tracking, and staying informed about holiday delivery deadlines, you can increase the chances of your packages arriving on time.

Carrier Deadlines for Christmas Delivery

This year, Christmas Eve falls on Sunday, Dec. 24, and Christmas Day falls on Monday, Dec. 25. USPS is the only carrier that offers Saturday delivery, without charging for weekend delivery. Keep this in mind if you want the package to arrive on Saturday, Dec. 23.

USPS Shipping Deadlines for Delivery by December 25

(Contiguous United States)

Mailing Deadline Shipping Service
Saturday, Dec. 16 USPS Ground Advantage
Saturday, Dec. 16 First-Class Mail (Holiday Cards)
Monday, Dec. 18 Priority Mail
Wednesday, Dec. 20 Priority Mail Express

Click here, to see deadlines for Hawaii, Air/Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO), and Diplomatic Post Office (DPO).

USPS Ground Advantage and First-Class Mail are perfect for those who get their shopping done early and avoid any last-minute stress. If you prefer a faster delivery, there are expedited shipping option that guarantees delivery by December 22nd.

Learn more about shipping with USPS.

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines for Delivery by December 25

Mailing Deadline Shipping Service
Thursday, Dec. 21 Ground Economy
Thursday, Dec. 21 Freight Priority & Direct
Tuesday, Dec.19 Express Saver
Wednesday, Dec. 20 2 Day and 2 Day AM*
Thursday, Dec. 21 (Dec. 22 with Sat. delivery selected) First Overnight and Priority Overnight* 
Friday, Dec. 22 FedEx SameDay

Learn more about shipping with FedEx.

UPS Shipping Deadlines for Delivery by December 25

Mailing Deadline Shipping Service
Check ups.com/ctc for details Ground
Tuesday, Dec. 19 3 Day Select
Wednesday, Dec. 20 2 Day Air
Thursday, Dec. 21 Next Day Air Service

Learn more about shipping with UPS.

Keep in mind, regardless of carrier, international deliveries require a bit more time due to customs and varying shipping regulations. For packages heading overseas, we recommend shipping your package as early as possible to ensure arrival before the holidays.

Seasonal Package Tracking

Once your package is on its way, stay informed with comprehensive package tracking. Nearly all shipping services provide tracking information when mailing.

After your order is processed and shipped, simply enter the tracking number on the respective website and monitor your package's journey to its holiday destination.

Pro Tip: Be sure to double-check your shipping address before mailing to avoid any delivery mishaps. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to make a small mistake. Take a moment to review the address details during the shipping process to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

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