Certified Mail Labels | 4 Things to Remember When Mailing to the IRSIt’s that time again. Tax season is upon us. This year, the deadline to file your 2021 Federal tax returns or request an extension is Monday, April 18, 2022.

The Importance of Certified Mail® for Tax Documents

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) suggests filing online to avoid processing delays and encourages direct deposit for speedy tax refunds. However, as accountants and tax professionals know, electronic filing is not always an option. In addition to mailing your tax return, responses to IRS notices are sent via the Postal Service® or private delivery services. Thus, presenting the importance of Certified Mail®.

Certified Mail® provides the sender with proof of mailing, allows the sender to track the mail piece, and provides confirmation of delivery. All of which are extremely helpful; especially, when corresponding with a federal agency.

Why Certified Mail Labels?

Certified Mail® does not have to be complicated, costly, or inconvenient. In fact, using Certified Mail Labels for all your Certified Mail® and compliance mail needs makes sending certified letters quick, easy, and affordable. Saving you money on postage for each Certified Mail® green card receipt. Creating the labels from the comfort of your home or office allows you to skip the trip to the Post Office saving you time.

Gone are the days of traditional mailrooms. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the professional landscape.

Today, more and more businesses are operating with remote teams. Whether a traditional or hybrid office structure the cloud storage solution offered by Certified Mail Labels fosters efficiency among departments and team members. Documents are easily organized and archived for 10 years at no added expense.

Create Priority Mail, Express Mail, and USPS Certified Mail® labels online with United States Postal Service (USPS) Postage for less money than at the Post Office with Certified Mail Labels! Avoid long-term commitments, stickers, forms, and trips to the Post Office. Certified Mail Labels requires no monthly fees or special equipment and offers users free electronic delivery confirmations, return receipt signatures, and tracking through email. We even offer free training to assist you and your team with the best mailing options for your business goals.

How Certified Mail Labels Works

Getting started with Certified Mail Labels is easy. To begin, create an account for yourself, your business, or your firm. Once created, you may log in and set up your payment information. The fastest way to get started is by adding a credit card to your account. However, you may mail a paper check, send a bank wire, or electronic ACH fund transfer and we offer a cash discount for those options.

Once your payment method has been added, your account is active for convenient service day or night. Enter the mailing information, print the label, and it is ready to send.

For each of your compliance letters, you'll be able to view mailing receipts, tracking, and delivery confirmation at your convenience.

4 Things to Remember When Mailing Letters to the IRS

Avoid mailing and processing delays by adhering to the following tips when sending documents to the IRS.

  1. DO- Make sure you include the return address when preparing your documents.
  2. DO- Ensure you have the correct mailing address. Mailing addresses differ based on location and if your return contains payment.
  3. DO- Use the correct postage. Scales and other equipment are not needed when using Certified Mail Labels. Rather, users enter the number of pages being mailed and print the label using their color printer.
  4. DON’T- Miss the postmark deadline. The IRS considers your return to be on time if the postmark date is on or before April 18, 2022, due date.

Get Started

When it comes to tax preparation and IRS correspondence, there is no better or cheaper way to send Certified Mail® than with Certified Mail Labels. Create your account and get started mailing today. If you have specific questions while filing your taxes, contact your local IRS office.
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