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The mail industry is changing and a stronger emphasis has been placed on digital storage and outsourcing. Professional mailing services are helping individuals, organizations, and entire business sectors become more efficient and productive.

Here are some of the main benefits of taking advantage of a professional mail service:

  • Fast delivery -- USPS Certified mail and letter documents can be delivered within three to 10 business days. Priority delivery services are available upon request as well, which will expedite delivery process to up to three days.
  • Electronic delivery confirmation -- By using a certified mailing service, you'll get instant confirmation upon delivery. Not only will you get an additional letter in the mail going over the delivery, you'll get a digital copy emailed to you instantaneously.
  • Data tracking and storage -- You'll have proof of mailing and confirmation data that can be stored inside a secure database for up to 10 years.

Additionally, there are plenty of jobs that are much more productive and efficient nowadays thanks to mail service innovation. Here are a few industries that benefit the most from mail service features:

  • Insurance Industry -- Most insurance policies require that the insurer provides advanced notice of non renewals within the notice requirement ranging from 10 to 75 days depending on jurisdiction and circumstances surrounding the nonrenewal. If you're an insurance provider or a third-party handler, you'll need to ensure that all the correct documentation gets delivered in a timely fashion to each person.
  • Banking Industry -- The banking industry deals with countless important documents that require timely delivery and constant tracking. Quality mailing services can track each and every one of those financial documents, including seizure of property notices, and can store all that information in a secure database for decades.
  • Code Enforcement -- An important division within the federal, state, and city government responsible for restaurant licensing and credibility. Restaurants need certain benefit information and other documents in order to function and it's up to code enforcement mailing to keep track of all those documents.

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