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5 Frequently Asked Questions About the United States Postal Service The United States Postal Service (USPS) officially began 46 years ago in 1971 and has been a staple of both the private and business sector every step of the way. Though the mailing industry has remained true to the majority of its services, there are plenty of innovations that lead to the improvement of mailing as a whole.
From digital tracking to print mailing, the postal industry has drastically changed for the better. Whether you're dealing with mailing for your entire company, or you just want to learn more about the ins and outs of the U.S Postal Service, hopefully this information will help you better understand mailing and all its benefits.
Here are some frequently asked questions about the United States postal industry and print mailing:

  1. How much is the USPS industry worth? -- In 2016, the USPS was collected $71.49 billion in revenue. That same year, however, it had its fifth straight annual operating loss, amounting to $5.59 billion.
  2. How many active USPS employees are there? -- As of 2015, the USPS has approximately 617,254 alive employees across the country. Additionally, there were 211,264 vehicles in operation.
  3. How many transportation operators are employed by the USPS? -- As of 2016, there were roughly 4,220 employees representing first-line supervisors of transportation, vehicle operators, and material-moving machine operators.
  4. Can you send certified mail to Mexico or Canada? -- Unfortunately, no you cannot. Since USPS certified mail is a product of the USPS, you can only send postage in the United States.
  5. How long does it take to send certified USPS mail? -- Typically, it takes about three to 10 business days to send a USPS certified mailing letter with first class mail delivery. You can, however, expedite the shipping process by electing priority delivery, which is typically a two to three-day delivery service.

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