Print mailing might not seem like an innovative change within the mailing industry, but it certainly has made it much easier for the average American -- both in personal and professional situations -- to address all of their postage needs.

Here are a few ways print mailing can benefit you throughout your everyday life:

Convenience: Perhaps the main benefit of printable postage stamps and mailing is its sheer convenience over traditional mailing methods. In the past (only a few short years ago), an individual would be forced to clear half of their day's schedule and head to the Post Office. If you were lucky, you could get in and out of the Post Office and accomplish all your mailing needs in a half-hour, but that wasn't always the case. Sometimes, you might wait in long lines only to find out that you can't send a certain type of postage due to some technicality or system error. Thanks to print mail, however, you can now print out exactly what you need and head to a USPS drop box, effectively saving you a significant amount of time throughout your busy week.

Avoid legal issues: Thanks to printable postage, you can now stay on top of all your necessary legal and financial documents better than ever before. Take driver's license issues, for example, which can cause a significant amount of stress, harm you financially, and even put you in serious legal trouble if you're not careful. A driver's license becomes suspended once the lapse reaches 91 days (or more) or if the lapse time period has yet to be determined. With print mail, however, you can keep track and make your payments much earlier in the process and avoid missed payments or lapses.

Expedite important mailings: Whether you're mailing personal tax documents or commercial/financial documents, you need to be sure that your postage is being delivered in a timely and accurate manner. Dozens of issues can arise when going through the Post Office, but printing and dealing with your own mailings can be much more efficient and faster.

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