July 4, 2015

USPS Tracking Not Updating – United States Postal Service

Regarding USPS Tracking Not Updating from the United States Postal Service.

Date: August 9, 2013

Good afternoon All,

On Friday, August 9, USPS will implement changes to cut over our Enterprise Data Warehouse/Product Performance Reporting (EDW/PPR) system to Product Tracking System – II (PTS-II) as its data source. To effect this change, a partial system outage will occur on August 9 from 7:00 pm ET through 5:00 am ET, August 11, 2013.

During this partial outage, no inbound scan event data or customer manifests will post and no scan event data or files will be extracted to customers. Since inbound customer Shipping Services manifest file posting will be suspended, no Confirmation Error/Warning (CEW) files will generate or extract to customers. Inbound customer files will be staged on file servers until PTS-II ingest processing resumes Saturday morning, August 10. Outbound customer scan event extract files will also be suspended until PTS – II outbound processing resumes Saturday morning. As a result, data on customers’ websites and systems will not reflect the latest tracking statuses. Payment manifest and unmanifested record files for eVS will be suspended and as a result payment processing may be delayed.

Our USPS.com Track & Confirm site and Call Center interfaces will be available and functioning throughout the outage window.

We regret the interruption but appreciate your patience and support during this outage.

Thank you for your business.

United States Postal Service
Product Information Specialist | Shipping Information Systems
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